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John Lehnst, Managing Director

John Lehnst
Managing Director

Agriculture Account Manager

Having grown up in a seed family and after more than 30 plus years in ag-related companies, I have developed contacts and insights that are beneficial to both my clients and candidates. My experience includes the full spectrum of agronomic developments encompassing research and technical operations through sales and marketing. I have worked with many notable people in agriculture. From senior managers to highly talented people who are the movers and shakers in our industry.

The agriculture business is based on honesty and relationships. To be successful as a supplier to this industry the same values must prevail. My approach to recruiting is based on the same principals. I believe it is just as important to present solid companies to candidates as it is to bring highly qualified candidates to companies. An opportunity must be good for both parties and I work hard to make that happen.

There is no perfect candidate, just as there is no perfect job. My goal is to match basic job requirements with personalities to create the right chemistry to benefit both parties. My candidates understand from the start there will be no pressure to take a position that isn't right for them. Equally, my clients know they will get thoroughly screened motivated candidates with a high likelihood of accepting the position if an offer is extended. Just being the best isn't enough. Finding the right person for the right company takes more effort, but it is the only acceptable result.